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Make WORK FROM HOME work for you

Check the health and productivity
of your WFH setup 
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01 -Dedicated Workspace

Our global working from home survey has had over 20,000 respondents. Workplace Specialist Bertie van Wyk shares his tips and tricks for overcoming the six most common issues experienced by people while working at home - starting with how to alleviate the discomfort you might feel there. To take part in the survey and become part of the conversation, click the link:

02 - Dedicated Work Time

Our global work from home survey found more than 58% of people found productivity and focus were the biggest challenges they faced when working from home. Listen to Workplace Specialist Bertie van Wyk as he offers suggestions to improve your WFH experience — from adjusting your working hours to switching off notifications. Click the link to take our work from home ergonomic quiz to get recommendations to improve your workspace and well-being:

03 - Working Technology

Our global work from home survey showed us people are slouching over their laptops while working from home. Workplace Specialist Bertie van Wyk shared his suggestions for elevating your WFH experience. Want to know how to make your space work better for you? Click the link for an ergonomic assessment:

04 - Communicate Needs

Our working from home survey showed us that 28% of people share the same workspace, the same work environment, with their partners. Find a way to work in harmony with our workplace specialist Bertie van Wyk's suggestions. Or click the link to get answers tailored to your own space:

05 - Dedicate Downtime

We discovered that out of the 20,000 respondents to our global work from home survey, two-thirds of people only move when they need the bathroom while working from home. Listen to Workplace Specialist Bertie van Wyk as he shares his tips on getting downtime into your working day. Or use our ergonomic tool to find out how effective your work space is and how to improve it:

06 - Commit to health

We found that more than half of people suffer with back pain while working from home. Bertie van Wyk, our workplace specialist, shares his suggestions for getting movement into your working day to alleviate this. Take our ergonomic work space quiz to learn how you can improve your own space with the right tools:

Complete Video with Subtitiles

Watch all 6 Working From Home tips in this video

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